For the PORSCHE campaign Huwe visited the PORSCHE AG factory in Stuttgart to photograph the recent classic campaign.

For an accompanying image film, he also stood in front of the camera this time and not behind it as usual.

His photographs for the PORSCHE campaign “Analoge Never Dies” were taken on a classic medium format Hasselblad camera and analog black and white TRIX film, in keeping with Porsche Classic. The campaign was also increasingly shown on social media (e.q. Instagram, Youtube).

PORSCHE Presents: “Analogue Never Dies” on Youtube:

When the passion and expertise of analogue photographer, Johannes Huwe, was combined with the skill set and dedication of the Porsche Classic Factory Restoration team, superlative work was brought to life in front of the camera.


More about Huwe´s work and way of life also at the PORSCHE Website