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›Land Speed Racer‹ is the name given to those magnificent men in their homemade racing machines. They have only two things on their mind: the stop watch and the finish line. Their goal for the next race is always to set a new speed record…

Johannes Huwe, in his own inimitable style, captures images of the unique world of speed freaks in the El Mirage Salt Lake Desert, in California.

The salt lake El Mirage can be found 16 miles north of Highway 18, where all roads end. This is a deserted and surreal place in the Mojave Desert, with normal temperatures of 45 degrees and an average rainfall of 150 mm per year. Although seething with rattlesnakes it was still the perfect location for films like Terminator 2 and Lethal Weapon. Stars such as Madonna and U2 have also used this incredible backdrop for music videos.

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